Saturday, December 8th


freshly sectioned fruit (tangerines)

Cooked Whole Wheat Cereal 170 with top milk

toast with butter, jam 703 (plum butter)

Coffee for adults (cocoa for children)


Cream of Onion Soup 955

crisp crackers or toast

lettuce wedges with French Dressing 841

Spice Cake 114

sliced bananas with top milk

tea for adults (milk for children)


Pan-Fried Liver 601

Creamed Potatoes 1071

Harvard Beets 1006

bread and butter

Mincemeat Custard 229

coffee for adults (milk for children)

Breakfast:  A pretty standard and satisfying Meta breakfast.  I couldn’t find a plum butter at the store, but I was happily surprised to find plum preserves.


Lunch(eon):  Lunch was super enjoyable.  The Cream of Onion Soup, 955, was a quick and simple soup made with bacon, onion, flour evaporated milk, salt and pepper.  The recipe suggested serving it over a piece of toast so I chose toast in the crisp cracker or toast election.  Really simple but lovely.  It reminded me of the potato soup my mom use to make with just potatoes, milk and butter with toast floating on top.  I got a little misty thinking about my late mother and how much she would have enjoyed the food from The Modern Family Cook Book.

I went with the classic iceberg for the suggested wedge. I’ve actually made 841, French Dressing, previously and it was still just as good as I remembered.  It’s kind of a weird orange from the full teaspoon of paprika but it’s balanced and tasty.  It’s amazing how much better home-made dressing is than bottled.

The half and half (subbed for the top milk) seemed a bit unusual on top of bananas but it was good.  114, Spice Cake, held up nicely as a recommended leftover from Thursday.  All in all, a really tasty meal.  (And so nice to have a warm meal at lunch!)


Since 601, Pan-Fried Liver, was clearly out due to my weird meat exclusion, I made from pan-fried bratwurst (a fantastic beer brat from my weekly organic produce delivery).  It wasn’t a Meta recipe, but I couldn’t find any sausage recipes except for frankfurters and bologna.

Too bad the bratwurst was the most enjoyable part of the meal.  1071, Creamed Potatoes were just fine, but not my favorite (evidently, anything can be creamed, and boy does Meta go to town in this book; 919, White Sauce, may be the most used recipe in this book).  1006, Harvard Beets, were okay but called for canned beets.  I love beets, but fresh are so much better.

Dessert, 229, Mincemeat Custard, was not great.  That might, in part, be my fault for going with the cheaper prepared mincemeat.  In my defense, the recipe only called for 5 TBSP of mincemeat and the cheaper, concentrated kind was $4 while the more expensive (and probably taster) option was a whopping $10.

Dinner was perfectly serviceable, but a bit of a let down considering how very tasty I considered lunch.


(The Mincemeat custard looks rather unfortunate; the rest went in the trash.  Sorry Meta).

Also, a bonus recipe!  I had the ladies from my book club over today for Christmas cookie baking.  I made 223, Poppy Seed Cookies.  They are pretty tasty and surprisingly savory.  I liked them but I don’t think they would be in my regular rotation.



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