1115 Vegetable Plates

Meta says that, “A vegetable plate dinner every now and then is a good way to make sure your family is getting its full quota of the vitamins and minerals which are found so abundantly in vegetables” (Givens 110).  Meta loves a vegetable plate (she’s included four pictures of them in this book) and so do I!  I’ve had several recently since it seems like a really good way to use up the veggies from my vegetable delivery.

Meta’s recipe, or more specifically instructions, say to use any combination of three or more veggies (with one of them being a potato) and the others chosen for contrast.  She also suggested using bacon or poached eggs as garnish as well as a cheese sauce or white sauce over one of the veggies.

Below is a couple of examples of Meta’s Vegetable Plates.  I wonder why neither have potatoes when Meta specified that at least one of the veggies should be?


And another (helloooo bacon!):


For dinner tonight I made 1032 Fresh Corn and Tomato Casserole (cheated with frozen corn), 1089 Creamed Rutabaga, 1086 Mashed Sweet Potatoes and 1007 Buttered Broccoli with 920 Cheese Sauce.  I also served it with bread and butter.  The Fresh Corn and Tomato Casserole had bacon–very tasty, naturally.  I’ve made the Creamed Rutabaga before and it is a current favorite of mine; bizarrely good!  (I mean it’s a frigin’ rutabaga, but somehow still craveable).  The Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Buttered Broccoli and Cheese Sauce were all good (not exceptional, but good).  As a whole dinner was very satisfying.


The vegetable plate is also handy for using up leftovers.  Here is a not quite as attractive example of my lunch a few days ago:


This has the potato layer leftover of 540 Ham and Potato Casserole (the ham was mysteriously gone or perhaps not so mysteriously considering that we’re a household of two), 1111 Stewed Tomatoes, 1008 Buttered Cabbage, 786 Cole Slaw as well as some zucchini (not Meta’s recipe–forgive me Meta!)


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