19 Hot Spiced Milk and 72 Butterfly Rolls

I had a little bit of the dough from Saturday left so I made some 75 Butterfly Rolls for breakfast along with 19 Hot Spiced Milk.  The Butterfly Rolls involved rolling out the dough, sprinkling it with cinnamon and sugar and rolling it like a cinnamon roll.  (You’re also suppose to make a deep crease in the middle to give it a “butterfly shape” but it didn’t carry through the rise at all).  I ate it directly out of the oven and it was perfect.  Slightly sweet and a bit crunchy.  Yum.


19 Hot Spiced Milk was also a winner.  The only honey I had was a fancy AOC artisan Châtaigneraie honey from Corsica.  Maybe not the most authentic ingredient, but maybe Meta’s honey didn’t come in a bear either.  As a counterbalance, I did use milk in a glass bottle! (Alas, not delivered to my front porch by the milk man).


Background cat!

The results were a surprisingly spicy and not too sweet cup of delicious.  I’ve actually always disliked drinking milk, but my mother never made it like this….



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