Monday, December 31st


grapefruit halves

French Toast 56

Syrup 924

coffee for adults (milk for children)


Oyster Bisque 970

crisp crackers or toast

Stuffed Prune Salad 770

tea for adults (milk for children)


Beef Turnovers 509

Creamed Potatoes 1070

Buttered Beets 1005

bread and butter

Mock Angel Food Cake 92

Grape Juice Tapioca 369

coffee for adults (milk for children)

Yay!  A non-cereal breakfast for the first time!  56 French Toast was pretty good.  I was a little concerned with the recipe since it only had 2 eggs and 1 1/2 cups of milk for the liquid portion for 10 pieces of bread; I usually use more eggs than milk, but it did produce a nice crispy result.  I went ahead and made 924 Syrup for the experience even though I splurge and buy real maple syrup (so worth it!)  It was tastier than bottled imitation syrup and I liked the warmth and thickness.  It was also far cheaper than the maple syrup.  I’m not really sold on it as a replacement for real maple syrup but I’d be willing to make it again especially if I was looking to economize.  I also enjoyed the grapefruit halve since I haven’t had one in a while.


Lunch was fairly good.  I liked 970 Oyster Bisque because it had a lot of concentrated oyster flavor (really just oysters and thickened milk).  Meta suggests warming the crackers to go with the bisque and it was a nice touch.  770 Stuffed Prune Salad was a bit tricky to make since my prunes weren’t particularity large.  The prunes and cottage cheese alongside the lettuce wedge didn’t really seem like a single dish, but was a unique take on a salad.  The small amount of liquid in the glass beside the tea is the cooking liquid from the prunes which Meta suggests that I save and drink (not bad).

My only complaint about lunch was that, while the menu items were tasty, the combination seemed very vintage “diet plate.”  Cottage cheese, prunes, lettuce, a thin soup and crackers really didn’t strike me as a very filling lunch.  An off-menu afternoon snack may have occurred (sorry Meta!)


Dinner, on the other hand, was very satisfying.  509 Beef Turnovers were very delicious; especially considering how simple and quick they were to make.  The menu suggested using leftover beef from the previous day’s pot roast, but since I didn’t make the pot roast I just used ground beef (the recipe calls for ground meat anyway).  The cornstarch gravy that was part of the recipe was a little odd and gelatinous, but was still good.

1070 Creamed Potatoes No. 1 were a nice improvement over over 1071 Creamed Potatoes No. 2 (which consist of boiled potatoes combined with a white sauce).  Version No. 1 was potatoes cooked in a little cream and seasoned with salt, pepper and parsley. Yay seasoning!  1005 Buttered Beets were also a good side dish.


This menu called for two desserts, 92 Mock Angel Food Cake and 369 Grape Juice Tapioca.  I wonder if this might have been an error since I haven’t seen two desserts at one meal before.  Besides, it a weird combo to eat together.

I made 369 Grape Juice Tapioca to eat tonight.  The recipe is the same as 367 Tapioca Cream that I previously made on 12/21/12 but with grape juice.  My last attempt produced a soup.   It actually thickened this time thanks to Erica’s tips at Retro Recipe Attempts.  Despite the excellent thickening, dessert was still kind of a fail.  The recipe says to use grape juice for all or part of the milk so I used half and half.  My understanding of combining acids and bases in cooking is evidently not very good because the results had an underlying grainy texture from the milk curdling.  (My husband said it tasted like partially undissolved grape Kool-aid).


I haven’t tried it yet, but I did go ahead and make 92 Mock Angel Food Cake for completeness.  I  frosted it with the frosting suggested in the recipe, 148 Raspberry Icing.


(EDIT:  92 Mock Angel Food Cake was good; 148 Raspberry Icing was even better.  It had texture somewhere in between meringe and divinity and a good raspberry flavor).


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