1st Blog Anniversary

I noticed that one year ago today, I started this blog!  Yay!

In a years time, I’ve managed to complete 14 full days.  At this rate, it will take me about 26 years to try each of the menus for the full year.  Sigh!  If I can bump my rate up to once a week, I could finish in a little over 7 years.  Hmmm….  Well, I keep on working on it and see how long my interest lasts.

In any case, I’ve very much enjoyed all of the menus and recipes I’ve tried so far.  Even the recipes that didn’t quite work out to my tastes.  I feel like I’ve learned more about the basics of simple cooking.  I’m even more of a big fan of the genius of Meta Given and what she accomplished in this book.

Some things that I love about The Modern Family Cook Book:

1) Simplicity!

2) Real, much less processed food from scratch

3) Short lists of ingredients and simple instructions

4) A sense of history and tradition

5) It forces me to try new things

6) Makes a good cat headrest

Boma and Meta


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